Dental Implant FAQs

What Role Will My General Dentist Play in the Implant Process?

We prefer to include your restorative dentist in the process of placing implants. This preserves the trust that you have already established with your dentist and allows him to remain in the loop of your dental health. While Dr. DeDecker performs the actual implant surgery, initial tooth extractions, and bone grafting if necessary, your dentist fits and makes the permanent restoration. Throughout the implant process we keep your dentist informed through written and verbal communication. Your dentist will also make any temporary appliance needed during the implant process.

What Types Of Prosthesis Are Available?

A single restoration, much like a crown is used to replace one missing tooth each individual restoration attaches to its own implant. A restoration much like a fixed bridge can replace two or more teeth and may require only two or three implants. To replace a full set of missing teeth, a restoration much like a denture is attached to multiple implants which provide the stability needed.

For patients who have been living with removable dentures for years, your denture can be modified to attach to implants. A removable prosthesis (over denture) attaches to a bar or ball in socket attachments, whereas a fixed prosthesis is permanent and removable only by the dentist. These restorations may be removable for cleaning or they can be attached and function as permanent restorations. This allows the patient with dentures to enjoy a new found sense of security

Dr DeDecker performs dental implant surgeries, in-office, in a hospital-style operating suite, optimizing the level of sterility. Inpatient hospital implant surgery is for patients who have special medical or anesthetic needs or for those who need extensive bone grafting from the jaw, hip or tibia.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants can restore quality of life to anyone with missing teeth. Not only will they restore chewing ability, but they also give you a reason to smile again. When you lose teeth whether its a new situation or something you have lived with for years chances are you have never become fully accustomed to losing such a vital part of yourself. Dental implants can be your doorway to renewed self-confidence and peace of mind.

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Why Select Dental Implants Over More Traditional Types Of Restorations?

Why sacrifice the structure of surrounding healthy teeth to bridge a space? Why live with the inconvenience of removing a denture or a partial at night, and why live with a denture that will not stay secure in your mouth making eating an embarrassment not to mention the clicking sound that can occur when speaking to someone because a denture does not fit properly.

Are You A Candidate For Implants?

To determine if you are a candidate for dental implants we need to perform a thorough examination of your mouth and review your medical and dental history. If you mouth is not ideal for implants, ways of improving outcome, such as bone grafting, may be recommended.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used?

The majority of our dental implant patients choose to use local anesthesia when placing dental implants, however, if you prefer IV sedation is always a choice.

Do Implants Need Special Care?

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants require good at home dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing and regular appointments with a dental professional. If good dental health practices are followed your implants can last a life time.